Show Sadles

Show Sadles

Show Saddles

Looking for a new show saddle for your jumping competitions? Not sure where to start? We have the low down on the top points to consider when purchasing your new show jumping saddles – don’t fret. 

Given the precise nature of the art that is show jumping, it’s imperative that you opt for a saddle that works for both yourself and your horse. An ill-fitted saddle can result in quite the wonky ride, meaning that you won’t be performing at your best, and you could also be harming your posture and the health of your horse. 

Firstly, be sure to test drive your saddle before purchasing. It’s very tricky to ascertain whether a show saddle is right for you, until you’ve had a go on it yourself – you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, right?

Be sure to opt for a saddle with high quality flocking. It’s worth investing that bit more into your hardware to ensure that it offers longevity – horse riding can be quite a rigorous activity - it’s vital that you opt for a saddle that is both comfortable and resilient. 

The sign of a good show saddle is the feeling that you are working as one with the horse, feeling their movement beneath you and being able to work in unison – especially with something as testing as a show jumping competition. 

Here at Fylde Saddlery, we specialise in uniting horse riders with their ideal show saddles, because we know the difference that a good saddle can do to both the enjoyment of your rides, and the success of your competitions. 

With a wide variety of show saddles to choose from, we suggest that you take a look at the selection and then contact us to arrange a fitting, where we can ensure that you are opting for the correct model for yourself and your horse. Your safety and enjoyment are of paramount importance to us as a family-run business with over 40 years of experience in the industry.