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Show Pony Bridles Preston

If you’re looking for show pony Bridles in Preston, Fylde Saddlery has a range of bridles to suit your needs. Whether you need a cob show pony snaffle bridle or a full show pony snaffle bridle, we have a range of different options that could suit you.

Show Pony Bridles From Fylde Saddlery
For the best, highest quality, and most cost effective Show Pony Bridles in Preston, Fylde Saddlery are the place to visit. We have numerous Show Pony Bridles that you can choose from to make sure you have exactly what you need. We can even talk with you to discuss what the best option would be for your show pony. Below is just a quick idea of our offerings in the Preston area:

Cob Show Pony Snaffle Bridle
Full Show Pony Snaffle Bridle
Show Pony Snaffle Bridle Small Pony & Pony

Why Buy A Show Pony Bridle From Fylde Saddlery, Preston?
If you’re a horse lover, then you’ll know that a poorly fitted bridle can jeopardise your success in the ring, as well as your show pony in general. You could potentially ruin your reputation and even harm your horse. This is why doing your research and finding the best Show Pony Bridles available is a must.

Before you purchase your Show Pony Bridle however, you need to make sure you take the correct measurements. Firstly, the crown piece length must be ascertained, by measuring the space between the back of the horse’s face – starting at the corner of the mouth, up over the cheeks and behind the head.

Then you need to measure the length of the brow band. Start at the back corner of the horse’s ear, around the animal’s forehead, to the corner of the other ear. Then for the throatlatch, run the measuring tape around the space between the horse’s ears, passing under the throat.

Starting at a point one inch down from the horse’s cheekbone, measure the circumference of its nose to discover the noseband size.

Only when you have taken these measurements accurately and you are sure they are correct should you continue your search for the perfect Show Pony Bridle.

Make sure you also look at the general build of your horse. If you have a stocky horse, then you probably want to avoid a thin strapped bridle. A chunky strap will look out of place on a slender horse, too. All of these factors are things to consider when searching for the right Show Pony Bridle in Preston.

Does the bridle come with a bit? All you have to do is ask Fylde Saddlery for anything you may be unsure of. Our team of friendly professionals have been providing the highest quality leather show bridles for the past 40 years. As a family-run business, we strive to equip riders with the safest, most appropriate tack for their horse.

Get in touch today and we can offer you advice if you’re unsure of which Show Pony Bridle is best for you!