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Saddle Fitting Service

Saddle Fitting Service

It would be foolish to purchase a brand new saddle for your horse without first opting for a saddle fitting service. Without getting an adequate feel for the saddle in motion, you cannot truly glean whether or not a product is right for you and your horse. 

The most important place to start is with a professional, when booking in a saddle fitting service. Saddleries with years of experience will be adept at matching riders to their perfect hardware, eradicating the chance of any detrimental issues with your gait and posture whilst atop the horse. 

The suitability of the saddle needs to be tested whilst the horse is both stationary and when they are in motion. What may seem like a perfect fit on face value as the horse is standing in front of you, may prove completely unsuitable when you’re out on the field. 

Due to the intricate contours of the horse’s back, it is important to fit a saddle so it feels like the rider and horse are moving in unison – there’s nothing more damaging and dangerous to both than a loose, ill-fitting saddle. Jumps will not be achieved; you may even get thrown off: it’s not worth the risk. 

Fylde Saddlery have carried out countless saddle fitting services in our 40 years in business. With almost half a century’s collective experience under our belt, we are confident in our ability to unite you with the ideal saddle, whether it’s for show jumping, dressage or everyday use. 

Contact us today to arrange a visit for your saddle fitting service today, and reassure yourself that your new purchase is one that will go the distance. As a family-run business, our highest priority is creating synergy between horse and rider, striving to provide the best possible riding experience.