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Saddle Fitting Service Preston

Every devoted rider deserve to have a flawlessly fitted saddle that is comfortable for both you and your horse. If you’re looking for an honest, open and excellent saddle fitting service in Preston, then we are here to help. We are extremely enthusiastic about all of the services we provide and it is our goal to give riders of every age a comfortable and well fitting saddle. We are committed to every aspect of the equestrian community and believe it is our duty to give horse riders support and peace of mind when purchasing a new saddle.

No matter what your discipline may be, we will endeavour to produce and provide a perfectly fitting saddle that is unique to your needs as a rider. Every horse and their rider will need something completely different to the next, so we pride ourselves of spending time with our clients to provide the best possible advice and support. You should consider making a fitting appointment so that you can view the range of saddles we have in stock. If you can’t find anything that’s quite right for you we will source a saddle that works for you.

As a horse owner this will be one of the most important pieces of riding equipment you will ever use. In order to get the most out of your horse, you need a perfectly fitting saddle that won’t cause any damage to them physically. If you’re in the process of training your horse you will also find that an appropriate saddle helps with their discipline as they won’t be distracted by their ill fitting or uncomfortable saddle.

Fylde Saddlery understands that a high quality saddle that moulds perfectly to the shape of your horse will always be every rider’s top priority. We love creating and fitting saddles that go above and beyond your expectations as a rider. We have assisted so many people in the Preston area with their saddle needs, whether it’s a completely new saddle or a first time purchase. After years of experience and dedication to equestrian industry, we can be trusted to deliver for you.

If you invest in a low quality saddle this is going to affect you and your horse. This is why we provide only the highest quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Your individual usage will be take into consideration throughout the fitting process so that you are completely confident with your new purchase.

Buying a new saddle is a significant purchase, so you deserve to have complete peace of mind that you are buying a product that isn’t going to harm your horse’s back. Using up to date techniques and the best modern materials, we will be able to fit a saddle for your horse that you know you’ll be able to rely on for a long time to come.

If you’re interested in completing a saddle fitting for your horse please follow the instructions laid out on our website. Similarly, if you have any questions or queries about our services we are always happy to answer them. We look forward to hearing from you here at Fylde Saddlery.