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Show Pony Bridles

Show Pony Bridles

Showing your pony with a poorly-fitting bridle can jeopardise your success in the ring, leading to a tarnished reputation and, more worryingly, potentially harming your horse. 

There are a number of measurements to be made before proceeding with the purchase of your new show pony bridle. Firstly, the crown piece length must be ascertained, by measuring the space between the back of the horse’s face – starting at the corner of the mouth, up over the cheeks and behind the head. 

The length of the brow band is next, starting at the back corner of the horse’s ear, around the animal’s forehead, to the corner of the other ear. For the throatlatch, run the measuring tape around the space between the horse’s ears, passing under the throat.

Starting at a point one inch down from the horse’s cheekbone, measure the circumference of its nose to discover the noseband size. Once you’ve ascertained these figures, you can begin your show pony bridle search. 

Another point to consider is the general build of your horse. Opting for a thin strapped bridle may look strange on a stocky horse, whilst a chunkier strap may cause issues for a svelte, slender animal. 

Be sure to ask whether or not the bridle comes with a bit, or whether this would need to be purchased separately – definitely something that you need in your collection of equipment. 

Fylde Saddlery have been providing the highest quality leather show bridles for the past 40 years. As a family-run business, we strive to equip riders with the safest, most appropriate tack for their horse. 

Explore our range of show pony bridles, crafted from the finest English leather, or feel free to contact our friendly advisors who can offer more guidance with the purchase of your next bridle.