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Horse Riding Clothing Preston

Every horse rider understands the importance of wearing the appropriate clothing for the activity. Without the right garments you won’t be as safe as polished as you would like to be as a professional horse rider or leisurely rider. Either way you always want to look and feel the part whilst being protected from the elements and potential dangers.

Horse riding is a hugely physically tasking activity which requires poise, balance, a stable core and strong legs. All of this is developed from the correct riding equipment and the clothing that you wear. If you’re looking for good quality horse riding clothing in Preston, then Fylde Saddlery are happy to provide you with the excellent items you need.

We stock a wide range of jodhpurs, jackets, boots and more, which will cater for riders of all ages and levels. If you’re new to riding you will be pleased at the huge array of stylish and comfortable equine wear we have in stock.

Long trousers, such as jodhpurs are essential for riding as they prevent chafing against the side of the saddle. You should also invest in closed toe boots with a small heel so that your feet can remain firmly and comfortably in the stirrups. It is important to avoid clothing that could become tangled in your riding equipment including thin straps, scarves and loose fitting jumpers. A helmet is also an essential piece of headgear for every rider in case of an unpredictable fall, so make sure you find one that fits you snuggly. We take safety very seriously, so all of our clothing and accessories are fit to the highest of standards.

We have such a huge range of brands in stock, whether you’re a professional competitor or you ride for fun. Our specialist knowledge of the equestrian industry makes Fylde Saddlery the perfect choice for all of your horse riding clothing needs. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, high quality products and great value for money, so take a look at some of the riding boots, rider wear and hats we have to offer.

We realise that comfort and style is often at the very top of many rider’s priority list so we always do our best to provide a range of designs to suit all tastes. The horse riding community in Preston are always turning to us for excellent riding clothing as well as horse equipment and accessories. Over the years we have strived to offer unbeatable services to our customers, no matter what level of riding they are at.

Enjoying your time in the saddle is the most important thing, so if you can walk away feeling safe, confident, comfortable and stylish in our equestrian wear, then you know you will have made the right choices.