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equestrian equipment

Fylde Saddlery produce a range of equestrian equipment of the highest standard. All the tack you need can be found at our website, along with buying advice from our experts. Below are some of the products available from Fylde Saddlery.

The right bit is crucial for the comfort and wellbeing of your horse. It is amazing what a difference this small item of equestrian equipment makes. The bit sits in the horse’s mouth and allows the rider to control the movements of the head. A horse will then naturally respond to such commands by following with its body. Thus, the bit allows the rider to command the horse in whatever way they choose. When in the mouth, the bit sits on the horse’s tongue and ‘bars’, which is the name given to the bare section of gum between the horse’s front and back teeth. It is important to choose a bit which is the right size for your horse; a bit which is too small will pinch and cause discomfort, and one which is too big will slide around and may cause blisters in this sensitive area. Using a bit which stimulates saliva production is a good idea, as this provides lubrication.

Our bridles are of the exceptional quality our customers have come to expect from all our products. A bridle is a leather harness which is attached to a horse’s head and keeps the bit in the correct position in the horse’s mouth. Reins are cords which are held by the rider at one end and are attached to the bridle at the other. By pulling and making certain other movements on the reins, the rider can control the horse. The horse can be commanded to go forward, speed up, slow down, turn left, turn right, and stop. More complex commands are achieved by using a combination of inputs from the reins and postural body language, and verbal commands can also be used whether the rider is mounted or dismounted. Competitors in dressage events are experts in all aspects of horse control.

Leathers are an often overlooked piece of equipment, but riding with stirrups at the wrong height will be uncomfortable and possibly even damaging for both rider and horse. The ‘Leathers’ page on fyledsadleryltd.com explains the most reliable way to set your stirrup height.

Of course, the primary piece of equestrian equipment for any competitive or recreational rider is the saddle. Fylde are rightly famous for their exquisite show saddles, which have graced arenas and equestrian events the world over for forty years. For the comfort and health of your animal, it is so important that a saddle is carefully designed and built to fit perfectly in every area. Our website lists instructions for collecting the necessary measurements, or for the best service you can bring your horse to us here at Hill Crest, Out Rawcliffe, near Preston.

Flyde Saddlery have a reputation for exceptional quality equestrian equipment of all kinds. Please see our website for more details.