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Dressage Saddles

Dressage Saddles
Purchasing the correct dressage saddle for your horse is of paramount importance when it comes to the quality of your riding, and – most pressingly – the health of your horse. 
Poorly fitted saddles can result in a less-than-satisfactory performance from both horse and owner when it comes to dressage competitions, tarnishing your reputation and preventing you from reaching your full potential. 
One of the first points you need to consider when searching for your next dressage saddle is the position of the straight flap. Chosen incorrectly, this can lead to terrible posture issues for the rider – especially those who are more mature – due to the saddle creating a fork seat. This position is completely detrimental to both rider and animal, resulting in an unstable gait, which – in turn – impedes on riding skill. 
Ensure that the flap position isn’t too straight, as can be seen through straining to achieve a natural position, as this can result in joint issues and immediately leave the rider constantly feeling like they’ve been on the horse for a prolonged period of time.
Another tip is to check the knee roll angle as this is something dressage riders like to alter in order to accommodate their leg length. If an adequate knee roll angle isn’t achieved, the rider will feel cramped atop of the horse. 
Finally, when testing a saddle, be sure to see how your legs hang – some riders find that their legs hang in a particular straight line from hip to knee, which requires the option of a saddle that offers a straighter position – and potentially opt for roomier knee rolls. 
At Fylde Saddlery, we are committed to matching riders to their perfect saddle, ensuring the best horse-riding experience possible – something not to be overlooked when considering the art of dressage. Peruse our collection of dressage saddles today, or contact us to arrange a visit.