Atherston Girth
( atherston )

The Atherston Girth

£37.50 exc VAT
(£45.00 inc VAT)

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White Leather Atherston Girth
( 1006 )

White Leather Atherston Girth

£58.33 exc VAT
(£70.00 inc VAT)

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Horse Girths


Here at Fylde Saddlery, we have a wide range of equestrian products, and in this category, we present our horse girths for sale. Here you will find dressage girths for sale along with Atherstone girths, Anatomic, show girth products and fabric girths.

Atherstone girths are leather girths, which are usually all one piece, or may have a single strap to which a thicker, shaped and padded length of leather is sewn. Such shaped girths may have elastic ends. An Anatomic girth is designed to stop saddles from going forward and help the saddle from moving.

Depending on your choice, our horse girths come in either black, Havana brown, or white. We have around ten different horse girths, which can be customised in terms of colour and size. Horse girths are on offer to suit a range of budgets, available from as little as £16.67 (excluding VAT) to £91.67 (excluding VAT).

For more information about our horse girth products, please visit our contact page. From there, you are able to send us a message, or alternatively, you can email us at In order to speak to a member of our team directly, you can call us on 01995670332. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.